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Andrea & Ina

Growing up in the Equestrian World, met at shows and now founders of the Meadow GmbH.

For both of us, the connection to the horses and their welfare was always the most important.
The Meadow GmbH offers a concept for the body and soul of the horses as a balance to the regular training. 



1 Vision

with Meadow Gmbh


18+ years


40+ years 

horse experience

With the Meadow GmbH we joined together to be able to give our (Sport-) Partner horse something back. With our effective Consultancy and Treatment, we can enhance the general welfare & the maximum movability of your horse, thus to achieve best possible Performance. 

Ina von Bormann

Link to Equestrian

  • Bearer of the „goldenen Reitabzeichen“ for her victories
  • actively competing up to CSI3*
  • Joint Partner of Rahmannshof GmbH


  • Bachelor of Science Sport and Event Management
  • Master of Science Management, Marketing and communication of Event, Sport and Health


  • Rahmannshof Auction
  • Visitor Manager at Reed Exhibitions
  • Semester abroad in Australia

Andrea Weinberg

Link to Equestrian

  • successful up to 1,40 level
  • actively competing up to CSI2*
  • Owner of the AW-Events UG


  • Graduated Apprenticeship as Event Manager at CHIO Aachen
  • Graduated Apprenticeship as horseman, main focus on riding and training according to classical German schooling principals 


  • London Olympic Games 2012
  • Bolesworth International 2016 
  • Liverpool International 2016
  • Eschweiler Jumping Festival 2010-2020