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Our vision is to maintain the long-term health and well-being of the horses as well as increase the performance. Our goal is to enable your horse to optimal movability through doping-free and non-invasive treatment and thus to prevent health problems.

Reloading Horse Power ... to the Maximum

Team Andrea Weinberg & Ina von Bormann

Growing up in the Equestrian World, met at shows and now founders of the Meadow GmbH. For both of us, the connection to the horses and their welfare was always the most important. The Meadow GmbH offers a concept for the body and soul of the horses as a balance to the regular training. 

With the Meadow GmbH, we joined together to be able to give our (Sport-) Partner horse something back. With our experienced & effective consultancy and treatment, we can enhance the general welfare & the maximum movability of your horse, thus to achieve best possible performance. 


HOFMAG What PEMF Therapy does to damaged or injured cells

The HOFMAG triggers processes in the organic Cells which up until recently were only possible in laboratory conditions. The process of Bioenergetics can be triggered as deep as 20 cm into the body which is known as “Electroporation”. 

PEMT Therapy os the application of pulsating electromagnetic fields, which work by stimulating the cell membrane, improving cell permeability and function, which in turn, improves overall blood flow and muscle oxygenation accelerating the healing process. A “regeneration” takes place, which means that some conventionally applied methods of correction with medication, surgery or long-drawn-out physical treatment may become unnecessary. 

PEMF technology has enormous future potential and is a non-invasive, drug-free and risk-free form of treatment. Its action and function means it can be applied to all forms of chronic and acute inflammations, areas of wear and tear and most injuries, especially sports related. 

PEMF technology can be just as effective when used on healthy cells, leading to an all-important optimization in performance. 

Latest research has found that Cells have such a strong cell structure that trans membrane inter-cellular therapy can be performed with much higher energies than devices pre HOFMAG habe been capable of delivering. 

10er Cards & Gift Vouchers

10er Cards & Gift Vouchers


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